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Playground Booking App testing – Dubai

Playground Booking App testing – Dubai

13 November 2022 5 MIN READ BY Rajesh K

About Cadvil:

Cadvil Solutions is a reputed software company providing custom app development services including functional IT solutions for effective business management throughout the UAE.

  • The software development services they provide uses the latest technologies and IT practices and incorporates advanced security features which prioritizes the complete safety of the clients business operations with data.
  • Cadvil also provides End-to-End Software Product Development, Consulting, and R&D Services to Enterprises of all sizes and in multiple domains.


About the project “Go Padel”:

Go Padel is a mobile application that connects the padel community in the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) by facilitating the accessibility of padel courts for players throughout UAE through a combined scheduling and booking system.

  • The padel players can search for available courts and book the one they wish to play in at a time of their convenience through this mobile application very fast.
  • “This mobile application favors both players and padel court providers by optimizing the searching and booking process for the passionate players and by providing a platform for padel court providers to promote their courts.”
  • Go Padel also aids in inviting players using email facility. This can be done by opening this mobile application and performing a normal booking operation by selecting a padel court for a convenient time and adding players. If a player has been already added, his name can be viewed on searching.
  • Payment can be done either partially or fully. Partial payment corresponds to the amount to be remitted by the booking person for him only and the remaining payment needs to be done by the players who are invited through email to complete the total payment.
  • Also, complete payment on behalf of all the players can be done by the booking person.



“Booking will be created and notification will go to the invitees through email”. On receiving the Link through email, the invitees can install the application, register and enter through this link.

Tournaments can also be set using this mobile application, the details of which will appear on opening the link received through email by the invitees. The scheduled day, time and location of the set tournament could be known on opening the received link.



  • “This mobile application testing was to be done on iOS and Android platforms and the admin side control operations like details of which all padel courts could be viewed by the Players at a time selected by them were to be tested through the web.”
  • Cadvil Solutions were searching for expert software testers experienced in testing Apps on iOS and Android platforms and testing software applications through the web.

Testing of this mobile application on ios platform started after 50% of the application development was completed and so the testing process was comparatively manageable.

  • Android based mobile application development was in its elementary stage when it was given for application testing by Cadvil to Testvox. Even booking operations were not able to be done properly without errors.
    “So they wanted experienced software testers who could test this application on an android platform from scratch itself in parallel to its development process.”
  • This made our softwares testers job of testing this android based mobile application strenuous and challenging. Our highly enthusiastic and experienced software testers commenced their testing process of this mobile application on all of these 3 platforms-ios, Android and Web.
    “Cadvil Solutions entrusted the responsibility of testing “Go Padel ” with Testvox after making thorough inquiries regarding efficient software testing companies from India.”



  1. Our software testers proceeded with the testing of this mobile application “Go Padel” by conducting day-to-day communication with the software developers involved in developing this.
  2. Since the android based development of this mobile application was only in rudimentary stage when given for testing, the day-to-day communication with the software developers aided our software testers in hastening the software testing process in parallel to the application development. This facilitated the timely completion of this mobile application project.
    “The completion of development of this mobile application on android platform was “testing driven” to a large extent.”
  3. Our experienced software testers guided the software developers fruitfully in implementing the features required for proper functioning and completion of this mobile application.
  4. Software Testers from Testvox also contributed additional functional information required to make this mobile application more attractive and useful with maximum facilities with the experience they had gained on testing iOS and Android based systems initially through previously executed projects.
  5. So the software developers could work more easily and efficiently utilizing our software testers knowledge base and experience resulting in faster and efficient completion of this testing process.




  • Timely release of this mobile application “Go Padel” into software market occurred as a result of the faster and efficient testing process executed by the experienced and agile software testers from Testvox.
  • The coordination of software testers from Testvox with the software developers from Cadvil combined with the testing experience possessed by our software testers became the impetus for timely completion of this mobile application with latest features and facilities.
  • This mobile application is currently being used by a large number of players in the United Arab Emirates for scheduling games and setting tournaments.